Hello my name is Jenae. I am the CEO and founder of J.Delor. I was born and raised in Richmond, Va. I grew up always having a meticulous eye for fashion. My mother gave me the nickname "Ms.Prissy" because I started wearing heels young and wouldn't leave the house without being runway ready. Making clothes, jewelry and creating runway inspired looks has always been my passion. My motto is "When you look good, you feel good"  Presentation is everything and luxury is always the theme. J.Delor was created in loving memory of my beautiful mother Adrienne Delores, who passed unexpectedly in July 2018. She was my biggest motivator to chase my dreams. My brand is in honor of her, I am her only daughter and sole survivor of her three children. Live. Life. Luxurious. Effortlessly was her mantra and a message I desire to share with the world through J.Delor. We represent ourselves through our appearance and style. Thank you in advance for your support as I continue her legacy with the J.Delor Experience.